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5 ways to make this year’s Office Holiday Party extra special

Yes. It’s that time of year. Again.


Time to plan the office party

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend with family and friends. Believe it or not, it is already time to start planning the annual company Christmas/Holiday party. It’s crazy how time flies, huh?

If you’ve been in the workplace for more than a year or two, you are probably used to the drill at these shindigs. You’ll have the same food, hear the same jokes, and of course the same person will get  a little too drunk and prefer to forget about what happened the next day…  Yep, welcome to the holiday company party routine. Same old, same old.

OMG! I am in charge of making this event a success!

If you are the person in charge of organizing, it is even worse. Not only do you have a very busy day job that you can hardly stay on top of, now this. And all eyes are on you! Can you pull off something really fun and unique? Can you do something a little  more special for once, that people will be talking about until next year’s party?

But wait, Holiday events can (and should be) be fun and special!

Holiday events are an opportunity to celebrate friendship, diversity and be recognized for the hard work that you have  put in together all year. It should be fun and special! And, it shouldn’t be that complicated or stressful to put it together.

5 great ways to hold a holiday party with a personal chef:

  1. It’s a big world, pick a country and celebrate its cuisine! Whether it’s Italian, Indian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese or dozens more, Canada is  blessed with thriving ethnic communities who bring the richness of their country’s cuisine with them. And manjya has a network of chefs that cover almost every ethnic cuisine possible. An Italian or Mexican evening can be accompanied  with paired drinks, music and dancing, making it a special and super fun holiday party.
  1. Haute Cuisine. If you are into supreme fine dining and part of a relatively small group (anywhere between 5 – 20 people), you can go for a ‘3 Michelin star-like’ culinary  celebration. A personal chef will make this a once in a lifetime experience for you.

    Make it memorable with Haute Cuisine

  1. Interactive Cooking.  For many people the real fun is taking an active part in the food preparation and watching food demonstrations. Personal chefs love this type of interactive cooking.  They get an opportunity to share their love for food and cooking, and share some personal tips and tricks from their life long cooking experience.
  1. Celebrate Canadian and Local Products. Many personal chefs take pride in supporting local products and producers. As they should! Not only does this help  our local economy, as Canadians we  have some of the best products out there. During the holiday season  you could host an amazing event with a menu focused on Canadian and local products. Your menu might include locally farmed meats such as lamb, beef, turkey or wild fish and seafood,  accompanied by local farm fresh root vegetables, cheeses from our many local creameries and cheese factories, and breads made fresh at local bakeries using locally milled wheat and grains.  And of course nothing says Canadian cuisine like hints of maple.  Sounds like a challenge any personal chef would love to accept.

    Add wine or whiskey pairing to your special holiday meal

  1. Combine Wine or Whiskey tasting with great food.  This was one of our most popular concepts last year. The opportunity to pair wine or whiskey with great food prepared by a personal chef, makes a unique holiday event.  Many manjya personal chefs have years of knowledge in this area, that they would love to share at your holiday party.

To get started on the planning of  your holiday event, you can submit your request here. We also invite you to talk to one of our experts about great ways to celebrate the holidays, please give us a call at 1-800-993-4613 or email us at

Happy Holidays!



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