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6 Tips for Perfect Fall Meal Planning


Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall

The greatest season in Canada has arrived! Fall – when cooler days, beautiful colours, plentiful gardens, and the return of routines are all revisited

Did you spend a care-free Summer with little structure around meal time? Perhaps you made a routine out of late afternoon ice cream. Perhaps you made a habit out of lunches out with friends. Maybe your family enjoyed late night dinners to maximize outdoor time during the day.  We understand. We get it. We did too.

The time has come to restore order to mealtime.

manjya has tips to help you stay organized with meal planning during busy school and work days.

  1. Enjoy local food – Fall is a great time to take advantage of the plentiful fresh and local produce available at farmers
    Enjoy fresh seasonal produce

    Enjoy fresh seasonal produce

    markets, supermarkets, and even your own home garden. Incorporate as much freshness into your meal planning as possible, because the days of imported and expensive produce are not far away.

  2. Stock up for Winter – Better yet, store some fresh produce away in your freezer to be persevered for a taste Summer during the long Winter months ahead.  Eating Well shares some tips on how to freeze fruits and vegetables.
  3. Plan ahead – We know your time is precious and limited, so meal planning for the week ahead will avoid last minute stress and even make for fewer trips to the grocery store.
  4. Make your grocery list while planning – As you do your meal planning, simultaneously prepare your grocery list. This will make it so no ingredient will be overlooked.
  5. Plan for leftovers – Incorporate opportunities in your meal planning to save time and to be more efficient. For instance, make one meal last for two or three more meals. ie. Leftovers can be turned into something else later in the week.
  6. Cook in big batches – Incorporate Big Batch Cooking into your meal planning! Big Batch Cooking is devoting several hours at once to meal preparation so that your meals remain healthy, and convenient. It means cooking in big batches and freezing in meal-sized portions so meals can easily be pulled out of your freezer and heated for a healthy ready-made meal. Big Batch Cooking can be a time saver in the long run, and quite economical. The types of foods that are conducive the Big Batch Cooking includes soups, stews, casseroles.  And storage time in the freezer can be as long as 5-6 months.
  7. Stock your freezer – Here are some great tips and tricks for freezing and preserving vegetables.

We completely understand that in theory this type of meal planning sounds great.  Some people are disciplined enough do it and some people are not.  Some people have the time to engage in these practices, and some people do not.

And, let’s be honest, many people have more enjoyable things to do than to spend their spare time meal planning, and Big Batch Cooking.


We are here to help.

This is where a personal chef from manjya can be a valuable member of your household team.  Lucky for you, we have personal chefs who love to cook, who specialize in customizing menus and accommodating unique dietary needs, and who love helping solve challenges for families like yours.

When you have meals in your freezer from a personal chef, all the work is done for you.  Your personal chef has already done the grocery shopping, already prepared healthy meals that you planned together, packaged and labelled them with re-heating instructions and left them in your fridge or freezer for you to use when you need some extra help.  Usually within 20-30 minutes you can have a healthy meal on the table.

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