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We know you want good food.

It’s a dilemma.  You want healthy food that tastes great, and is ready when you are ready to eat. The problem is, there’s not a lot of home cooking going on in your life!

You might have plans to do it yourself but if you’re super busy, all the intentions and grocery shopping in the world still ends up as green goo in the bottom of your fridge every Friday.  You might have a family with special dietary needs, picky eaters, or a variety of schedules and find yourself staring at the fridge, wondering how you ended up being a short order cook.  You might want to pull off a spectacular dinner party with a favourite world cuisine but by the time you buy all the ingredients and spend all day in the kitchen, finding the energy for hosting your guests seems more like a chore than a sparkle.

And so, the question remains:  How do you get tasty, healthy food when you don’t have the time or ability to do the cooking?  The answer is easier and likely more accessible than you might think:  Let someone else do the cooking for you!

That’s where a Personal Chef through can help. A Personal Chef is not just for the rich-and-famous.  A personal chef can help you save time and eat well.  It’s an answer to getting nutritious and convenient in the same dish, and compared to all the eating out and taking out that you might be doing too much of right now…it’s also a cost-effective and better-for-your health option.

Personal Chefs have expertise in making great food with an important twist:  It’s what YOU want rather than what’s on the menu.  Whether you don’t like a certain ingredient, want a particular recipe, have a guest with allergies or any other personal dietary need, that’s what manjya enables.  Our emphasis is on the personal.  manjya is your partner in helping you pull off a perfect event and in supporting your desire for healthy eating.

Here are some examples of what a Personal Chef through manjya can do for you:

  • Manage your food needs for small weddings, birthdays and other celebrations
  • Give you options to eating out or ordering in for dinner parties, office lunches, etc.
  • Prepare weekday dinners that save you time and get you talking around the table.
  • Create great tasting food for special diets such as Diabetes, Gluten free, etc.
  • Help you relax and focus on your guests with drop-off holiday dinners, cottage hampers, and meals for a weekend
  • Supply you with comforting food through stressful life events like funerals, new baby, a sick family member etc

Are you ready to let us help you save time and eat well?  Here’s how manjya works:

  1. Tell us what you need.
  2. Chefs will send you menus and costs.
  3. Select one of the bids and let manjya take it from there.

Personal Chefs are experts in creating healthy, delicious food for whatever you need.  They can incorporate your favourite recipes, introduce you to new cuisines and appease those with allergies and special diets . A Personal Chef will listen to what you want and need, menu plan, shop and cook, taking the stress away from planning an event.  In addition to enjoying the great tasting food, you will also be left with extra time in your day and week and a happy smile on your face.

People using manjya to save time and eat healthy food are also finding another great thing about manjya:  the ability to explore a variety of cooking styles, cuisines and new recipes from a variety of Personal Chefs…all in their own homes.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s manjya! 


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