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Another Happy manjya story…

manjya client Purita Cruz was looking for a special way to celebrate her birthday
so she did what many people do…she made a lunch reservation at a local restaurant.


The birthday girl, her granddaughter and Chef Brendan Joseph

As the special day approached, Purita started to worry and stress. She wondered if she should pre-order to avoid the chaos of people talking over each other down a long table.  She worried whether the menu would please everyone. Would they be rushed out of the restaurant after they ate? Would her young grandchildren behave? Would the restaurant have sufficient parking?

Then along came a post from manjya in her newsfeed, “Hire A Chef and Stay in”, it said.


Morrocon lamb meatballs, and shish tawook chicken skewers

This one post ended the stress for Purita, and began the positive experience with manjya chef Brendan Joseph, and the delicious lunch he prepared for Purita and her guests.
“It was a wonderful lunch!” Purita told us, explaining how her group devoured the meatballs and shish tawook chicken!
Her grandchildren were comfortable and well behaved in grandma’s familiar home. Her guests could leisurely visit and partake in celebrating Purita’s birthday.
AND, wine could be enjoyed without the astronomical prices applied at restaurants.
By late-afternoon Purita was able to put her feet up and reflect upon the wonderful experience with Chef Brendan, manjya, and most importantly her birthday celebration.    We like happy endings.

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