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Chef Stories: Meet Chef Richard Feroze


Chef Richard in Whistler 2016

We are proud to introduce you to another one of the brilliant chefs of manjya.  Chef Richard Feroze loves to travel. The adventure of packing a bag, getting on a plane, and setting off on a new adventure, fuels him.
Richard currently divides his time between Toronto and British Columbia.  The flexibility of working with manjya is perfect for a traveler like Chef Richard.  He can pick up cooking jobs when he is in Toronto spending time with family and friends, and leave jobs for other manjya chefs when he is on the other side of the country.

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Regardless of where he is, Chef Richard carries his artisan approach to local and sustained food and cooking.  The affirmation he receives from his clients always makes him realize he is exactly where he belongs, doing what he loves.

Chef Richard was raised by his single mom in Toronto.  He credits her as being his biggest influence.  As a young child, need and necessity taught him to cook, as he always wanted to have a meal ready for the two of them at the end of the day.  Richard remembers her often coming home to him entertaining a living room full of his friends.  Who wouldn’t want to hang out at a young chef’s house?

Richard’s mom instilled confidence and independence in him and told him he could be whatever he wanted to be.  Her encouragement took him to the University of Toronto and a career in computer science, but it wasn’t long until he realized he wasn’t being true to himself and he needed to pursue his true calling, culinary arts.

Richard carried his love of cooking in his back pocket for several years, cooking for family and friends at every given opportunity.   Finally, at age twenty-six he took the plunge and went back to school to fulfill his desire to be a chef.  Chef Richard trained at George Brown College, and realized quickly he was where he was meant to be.

Making a career change at this point in his life was a huge commitment, but again he credits his mom for giving him the confidence, courage, and independence to follow his true calling.

Chef Richard Feroze has worked under culinary greats such as Chef Jamie Kennedy.  He has worked as a butcher, gaining a love and appreciation of fantastic meat, and the importance and responsibly of ethically working with animals. Artisanal Bread Making He has worked in Europe on a goat cheese farm, a pig farm, and a winery.  Each experience gave him a greater love and appreciation for his art.

We are honoured that Chef Richard brings these skills and talents to clients of manjya.  He loves the access manjya has given him to clients in Toronto, and loves how the interface of manjya allows him to visually show potential clients his work through the use of pictures and videos.

Richard’s one request?  Bring manjya to British Columbia!  Well, we heard you Richard, and we are thrilled to now be serving clients in BC!  And we are even more thrilled that someone of Richard’s calibre is is able to display his culinary greatness to clients in Canada’s Western most province.

Visit us at to learn more about how you could be treated to a meal from Chef Richard Feroze or another one of our exceptional chefs.


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