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Chef Stories – Meet Personal Chef Jennifer Kean

At manjya we pride ourselves on aligning with personal chefs with integrity and passion for cooking, entertaining and making our clients happy.  Personal Chef Jennifer Kean is no exception and is a fantastic addition to the manjya chef pool.

In turn, Jennifer has found her partnership with manjya to be just as beneficial.

“Manjya is a fantastic addition to my already thriving personal chef and catering business.  Their business model works very well for me because I have the opportunity to take on additional cooking opportunities when my current business allows.  From a client’s perspective, it exposes them to several prospective chefs in one place, without having to do lots of looking around.  Also, being a sole proprietor, my time is best spent cooking, so my business has grown via word-of-mouth only up until now.  The advertising and marketing that manjya does helps small businesses like mine to have more opportunities.”

Jennifer spent her younger years working front of house in the restaurant industry, followed by food prep and then cooking.  She continued gaining experience through work in a café and a partnership with a caterer friend, eventually gaining the confidence to take on small catering jobs herself.

That was 10 years ago.  Fast track to today, and Jennifer has built a thriving personal chef business that includes small event catering, personal cheffing for weekly meals for families, in-home vegetarian cooking classes, and baking classes at the Miele appliances head office.

Jennifer’s professionalism as a personal chef, and her passion for cooking and entertaining always earns her high praise with manjya clients, including this recent feedback about one of her dinner parties:

It was absolutely wonderful!!! The food was amazing and Jennifer was very professional!! We hit it off instantly and the feedback I received from the rest of the guests was phenomenal. Everyone enjoyed the appetizers, main course and dessert – so fresh and the presentation was on point. The evening could not have flowed any better!! Thank you as well for providing such an awesome service!!”

We are thrilled to have personal chef Jennifer Kean on board with manjya as she continues to enjoy the variety of additional cooking jobs.  It’s a win-win for both parties!

If you are interested in connecting with Jennifer, or another one of our varied and very talented manjya chefs, please reach out to us at: manjya, or 1-800-993-4613.

  1. Kari Fulmek 3 years ago

    Hi Stephanie, I had no idea this existed and find this most exciting. I am thinking of doing something in the new year for a ‘just because’. I was referred to you from Mia Andrews with Mompreneurs. Do you have Chef’s in the Calgary area too?

    Thanks so much!

    • Author
      Stephanie 3 years ago

      Hi Kari! Great to hear from you! Mia let me know you would be contacting us. Feel free to reach out to me at We don’t have chefs currently in Calgary, but we do have some contacts there and could possibly make something happen. Where are you located? Stephanie

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