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Chef Stories – Meet Personal Chef Mauro Ritacca

Personal Chef Mauro Ritacca is passionate about sharing his family’s authentic Italian cuisine with his customers.

Although Mauro has been cooking for years (even along-side his mother, as a youngster) Mauro’s personal chef business is relatively new.  After years in the corporate world of public relations, a couple of years ago, Mauro decided to follow his passion and pursued his love of traditional Italian cuisine.

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This love was infused in him from his mother, and part of Mauro’s dream was to maintain the customary way of authentic Italian cooking taught to him by his mother.  He wanted to keep these traditions alive, and to share them with as many people as he could.

There was a problem however. Ninety-nine percent of Mauro’s mother’s knowledge was in her head. Very little was written down! Knowing how special these traditions were to Mauro, about ten years ago, his wife presented him with the sweetest birthday surprise ever.  She had spent months sitting with Mauro’s mother and had her transcribe her recipes onto paper.  This paper bundle of generations worth of family recipes was presented to Mauro on his birthday.  Copies were quickly made, and these valuable original Italian cuisine recipes are locked away in a safe place.

When asked about some highlights of his career as a personal chef, two events stand out to Mauro.  The first happened this past Spring when he was hired to create a Passover Dinner for a local synagogue.  The meal was to be an Italian-style Passover meal.  Mauro was guided through the knowledge needed to learn and then follow Kosher guidelines.  Meatballs were made with matzo meal instead of breadcrumbs, Seder Plates were created for each table’s centrepiece.  The Italian meal was a huge hit with guests.  How could it not be with items on the menu such as Chicken Marsala, meatballs, and minestrone soup!

The second highlight for Mauro happened last Fall.  Ontario Veal Appeal  was running a contest to find the best veal sandwich in Ontario.  Mauro has early memories of having his mouth water as his father would take him and his siblings for take-out veal sandwiches in Toronto. Mauro and John Catucci at Veal Sandwich Contest It’s no surprise then that veal sandwiches are a specialty of Mauro’s and his personal chef business.  Unbeknownst to Mauro, last Fall, someone nominated his veal sandwich for the contest! The final veal sandwich cook-off took place during the Food & Wine Show at the Toronto Convention Centre, complete with celebrity guests like John Catucci (Food Network Canada’s You Gotta Eat Here).  Mauro was proud to be in the top three!  Does anyone else have a hankering for a veal sandwich right about now?

Mauro is grateful for the opportunities provided to him through Food Starter.  Their encouragement, guidance and promotion of his business has launched Mauro into a fruitful personal chef business, which has grown quicker than he ever dreamed.  Food Starter’s kitchens have increased his capacity and ability to take on bigger jobs.

Mauro started working with manjya about three months ago, and is loving the opportunity to bid on leads that he otherwise wouldn’t have known anything about.  He is pleased with the relationship that he has developed with manjya, and we at manjya couldn’t agree more.  To us, he is the ideal chef on the manjya platform; he is quick to submit bids when he sees an event that he is interested in, he provides irrespirable authentic menus (mostly Italian, or at least with an Italian twist), and he is responsive, courteous and friendly with clients.  It’s no coincidence he is successful at closing deals with manjya.

There is very little Mauro is not capable of; from private dinner parties, to cooking classes, to prepared food delivery, to full-service, on-site catering of large events, Mauro and his team are able to deliver an authentic Italian experience to his clients.

To learn how you can work with Mauro, or one of our many other personal chefs, please contact us.  manjya, 1-800-993-4613.




  1. molly.augustine 2 years ago

    It’ has been an exciting experience planning with chef Mauro and and we are very happy with the turn out so far , thank you !

    • Author
      Stephanie 2 years ago

      Wonderful! We look forward to continuing to work with you!

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