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A Chef’s perspective of Family Day


With Family Day just around the corner, I chose to write about one of my favorite things to do – Cooking with family!

It’s the best of my worlds meshed together.  Cooking with family is a way to share my love of food and creativity with the people I love the most.

It can be a challenge to keep it exciting and quick moving enough for young family members, but my kids tend to enjoy any part of it.  It’s a great way to teach them teamwork and organizational skills, and to introduce them to the importance of meaningful nourishment.

Sure, cooking with young kids can be frustrating some of the time.  When you’re in a rush, sometimes it’s just easier to do it yourself!  It can be messy too…  I make sure to pick a day where I am not pressed for time, and can enjoy the process, so Family Day is perfect.


Cooking with kids can be fun!

When we have the time, cooking together as a family can be great fun. Everyone brings their unique ideas and tastes to the meal, and seeing these ideas blend together is rewarding.

Children are used to seeing us chef parents work our magic in the kitchen.  For young kids, the kitchen is a place of intrigue for them.  They see us scurrying around, steam rising out of pots, and machines whirling and buzzing. They hear sizzling, bubbling and chopping noises.  Welcoming them into this world will make them feel special and excited. And, they learn a whole lot in the process. The key to cooking with kids is patience and support.

It might take younger kids longer to cut vegetables, and it might require more time to understand and follow the instructions.  Children need our support when the flour spills all over the counter, or when the egg shell gets in the batter.  But, we should take a deep breath and let them know it’s okay.  It’s all part of learning.  Don’t let it spoil your time together!

One of my favourite parts of cooking as a family is seeing our children get creative.  We chefs are control freaks, and sometimes it’s hard to step back and accept that maybe the original recipe might not actually work when kids are involved, but children take such pride when it actually does.  Cooking is a terrific way to help children build confidence, self-esteem and discipline.  The proof of their hard work is very tangible!  And in my family, this is evident in my teenaged children.  They show such pride!

I find on nights like these, when I have cooked with my kids, we come to learn and accept that it’s okay if dinner is not just as we planned.   Looking at the big picture, it’s usually even better!

Food Network Canada has these suggestions for cooking with your kids. Ideas for cooking with kids… 

How about spending your Family Day cooking with your family?

If you would like some more ideas, or a chef to do a food demonstration with your family, reach out and let us know!

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