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Welcome to manjya, the easy way to connect with Personal Chefs – the “How do I pull this off?” holiday meal experts!

With manjya, you can customize your meals for guests with allergies or special requests.  Spend time with your guests while a manjya chef takes care of the meal.  When clients hire a chef from manjya, they say their time saving is priceless.

Here are some examples of menus and costs (including service and tax) from previous holiday meals:
1. A office Christmas party for 50.  The client requested an assortment of finger foods to be served buffet-style over the course of several hours.  Menu: An assortment of 11 different easy-to-eat foods.  Cost: $31 per person
2. A Thanksgiving dinner for 10 to accommodate a gluten allergy, with turkey, five sides and dessert.  The chef dropped off the dinner with storage, heating and serving instructions, the day before the family gathering.  Cost: $51 per person
3. A holiday family dinner for 24 held in a retirement home, needing the food to be dropped off ready to eat, buffet style.  Menu: salads, pastas, meats and sides consisting of 10 different items, accommodating a range of family favourite tastes.  Cost: $42 per person
4. A Cinco de Maya office party with a request for food to be served buffet style.  Menu: a range of 9 different meats, sides and vegetables with 4 different accompanying chef-created sauces and toppings.  Cost: $38 per person.
5. A Thanksgiving dinner held in a rented chalet with a request for both turkey and duck. Menu: four courses including sides, desserts, appetizers, using high-end ingredients to accompany the request of the client, everything cooked and served on site.  Cost: $216 per person.
Read on to see some actual menus enjoyed by a few of our many happy clients.
A menu created for a client who wanted to cook the turkey herself but needed help with everything else.
Created by Chef Brendan, a chef in the Milton area

Harvest kale salad with roasted butternut squash,walnuts, dried cranberries, olive oil and spices

Roasted Yukon Gold potatoes or garlic mash potatoes

Homemade turkey gravy

Traditional stuffing with onions, celery and spices

Rosemary root vegetables: celery root, turnips, butternut squash and purple potatoes roasted to a golden brown with oil, rosemary and seasonings

Cranberry sauce

Apple crumble

A Valentine Romantic Dinner for Two requested to be dropped off ready for the host to serve to his fiancee
Created by Chef Zhara, a chef located in the GTA
Arctic Char, Cucumber, Sturgeon Caviar
Foie Gras
Green Apple, Endive, Crostini
Mixed Mushroom, Truffle, Champagne Cream
Poached Halibut
Green Tea, Olive Oil, Squash
Sous Vide Steak
Red Wine Jus, Charred Leek, Parsnip Puree
Strawberry “Shortcake”
White Chocolate Cheesecake Mousse, Angel Food Cake, Strawberry
Chocolate, Champagne, Fleur de Sel
A Labour-Day Back-yard BBQ menu for a family gathering
Menu create by Chef Mauro, a chef in the GTA


  • Freshly grilled lamb speducci (Italian-style satays, also available as chicken or pork), grilled on-site on our customized charcoal speducci grill
  • Freshly prepared bruschetta with chopped tomato, basil and garlic on grilled Calabrese bread drizzled with a balsamic reduction
  • Antipasto buffet including elegantly presented selection of Italian cured meats, cheeses, olives, vegetables, and caprese salad (tomatoes and fresh mozzarella).


  • Grilled Italian sausages (grilled on-site), served either on their own or with buns and gourmet condiments/toppings
  • Grilled jumbo shrimp skewers (grilled on-site)
  • Grilled chicken breasts marinated in extra-virgin olive-oil, white wine, and oregano (grilled on-site)
  • Pasta: Penne in Tomato-basil sauce, including extra servings of gluten-free penne
  • Mixed grilled vegetables
  • Herb-Roasted Potatoes
  • Garden Salad


  • Freshly piped Sicilian Cannoli, with berries



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