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Hire A Personal Chef for your Holiday Party!

With Thanksgiving 2018 in the books, and the turkey left-overs finally cleaned up, it’s hard to believe it but it’s true… It’s time to start planning for the holidays!

Whether you have a holiday party to plan for the office, or it’s your turn to host the family for Christmas or Hanukah, it’s definitely not too early to start planning. You know from past experience, the holidays will sneak up on you, and YOU want to be prepared!

Our very talented and experienced personal chefs can help you with every little detail to make sure you create a memorable event for everyone. If you are wondering why it’s best to work with a personal chef instead of doing it all yourself, we’ve compiled some reasons why, it really is the better choice.

7 Reasons to Hire A manjya Personal Chef for your Holiday Party:

Its a special occasion, with special people, at a special time of year! These meaningful holidays only come once a year, and celebrating them by hosting a dinner party with family and friends is meaningful. You all deserve the extra pampering that comes with hiring a personal chef.

Chefs love to interact with guests

You can serve a different and culturally unique meal! The manjya chef network covers a wide array of ethnicities, and specializes in many different cuisines from different countries around the world. Wouldn’t it be fun to host a party focusing on the culinary delights from a different country? Whether it’s Italian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, or many other cuisines, we have chefs who would be able to bring you an authentic experience. You and your guests would be submerged in the culture, foods, music, and drinks of something truly special. To read about some of our top-notch chefs visit our blog.

Manjya chefs love to interact with dinner guests! For many people, the real fun is taking an active part in the food preparation and watching food demonstrations. Personal chefs love this type of interactive cooking.  They get an opportunity to share their love for food and cooking, and share some personal tips and tricks from their life long cooking experience. Chefs are social people, and love to meet and interact with new people!

You want a farm to table Canadian Experience! Many personal chefs take pride in supporting local products and producers. As they should! Not only does this help our local economy, but as Canadians we have some of the best products in the world! Your menu might include locally farmed meats such as lamb, beef, turkey or wild caught fish and seafood, accompanied by local farm fresh root vegetables, cheeses from our many local creameries and cheese factories, and breads made fresh at local bakeries using locally milled wheat and grains.  And of course, nothing says Canadian cuisine like hints of maple.  Sounds like a challenge any personal chef would love to accept.

A manjya personal chef can do as much or as little as you want! Our personal chefs love to take over in the kitchen, serve, and clean-up. This full service is perfect if you want to sit back and enjoy your own party with the rest of you guests, without the fuss and mess that comes with hosting a dinner party. You won’t have to lift a finger, after you have worked together with your chef to create the perfect meal for your event. But, if you want to have the meal prepared ahead of time and dropped off (you can even take credit for the meal, if you want – we won’t tell), many of our personal chefs will do that too. Your meal will be prepared in a certified food safe commercial kitchen, packaged and dropped off to you, and you can serve it how you want. Any combination between these two extremes is okay too. Our service is completely customized to suit your needs.

manjya will help you find the perfect chef! manjya will get to work right away, doing the initial communication footwork for you.  No more hunting around the interne,t calling or emailing individual chefs and caterers. manjya requires a standard of service from our chefs so that you don’t have to worry.  No fly-by-night chefs allowed! Clients who work with manjya say things like “This was a positive experience from the very beginning. I was kept in the loop from manjya that chefs were considering my event, and then BOOM! The most incredible menus from chefs started coming into my email inbox. All of the bids were so interesting! There was one chef who felt like the right fit for my dinner party, and that is who we went with. After tweaking the menu slightly to accommodate for one guest’s dietary needs, the menu was perfect! Our guests raved about the experience!”

Youre busy and you have better things to do with your time! Hiring a personal chef will allow you to focus on the things you’re better at for you party; decorating, wine pairing (but many of our chefs can do this too), creating the music playlist, gifts for your guests, or doing something extra special for your guests like party favours.

We’re not trying to rush the holidays upon you, but to subtly remind you that the holidays are coming. Past experience has shown us that clients making holiday dinner plans before November 1st, have the best chance of booking their choice of chef, with a greater variety of menus to choose from. It’s the busiest time of year for chefs, and their calendars fill up fast!

Give yourself the best holiday gift there is, and hire a personal chef from manjya to help you feed your guests. You won’t regret it.

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