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Let manjya Help with Opening the Cottage!

Spring is finally here! Time to open the cottage for the season!  Pull out the water skis, tubes, deck chairs, coolers, apply your sunscreen, and pour yourself a cold one.  Let the warm Spring breeze sooth your soul.

But wait!  First there are all those ‘opening the cottage’ jobs that need to be done.  And that list is a mile long…  Rake the leaves, and pick up the fallen branches, put the dock back in and ready the boat, clean the cottage, clean the windows, maybe a little fix-up painting, fix some deck boards, turn on the water, fix the pipes that burst over the winter. The list goes on and on.  Sigh…

Landscape Water Chairs Summer Cottage Dock Lake

The fun and relaxing part of being at the cottage is going to have to wait, for now.

manjya has an idea for you!  The old saying “Many Hands Make Light Work” just might be effective to get all these jobs done quicker!  Recruit some friends (handy friends, not the friends who want to skip the work and get right to the ‘cold one’ part), and have a work day (or two) at the cottage.

How are you going to feed all those handy helpers?  We have a simple solution.   A manjya personal chef can prepare some ready to eat meals for you to take with you!
steak-1445124_960_720 It’s perfect.  You can all focus on the ‘opening the cottage’ tasks at hand knowing that delicious meals will be ready without too much fuss.  Then,  you can all get to the relaxing and enjoyable part of cottaging sooner.

Better yet, hire one of our chefs to do a special on-site meal, because at manjya, we believe opening the cottage in the Spring is special and worth celebrating.

Happy Cottage Opening!

Ask us how we can help.

Stay tuned for some tips from manjya on cottage entertaining!


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