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Let’s manjya with a Personal Chef!

“What Is manjya”, you ask?

Let us show you how to manjya, and how easy it is to hire a personal chef. three1

Imagine this…  Although, I’m sure no imagination is necessary.  You lead a busy life.  You have a career, obligations, hobbies, and other activities and interests.  You have a family to feed too.  When is there time for all of this?  You want to spend any small bits of spare time doing something you enjoy – not cooking.  Sound familiar?

How about entertaining?  Who has time to add that into the mix of everyday life?  Suppose you do take the time to host a party.  This is precious time, and you want to be with your guests, not disappearing into the kitchen while everyone else is having a pleasurable time.  Are we right?

How can you make it all work? 

Let’s manjya with a personal chef.

“Pardon?” , you may say.

Let’s manjya.

What the heck does that mean?Herbs-Roasted-Chicken-1.png

manjya is the newest and faster growing way to work with a talented and experienced personal chef, on one of the most important jobs you have – feeding your people.

images (6)manjya is your gateway to many of Ontario’s greatest chefs, all in one easy to use web portal.  No need to search and search for a chef to do the cooking for you.  We have them all centrally located in one place.  All you have to do, is give us the details of your need, and we will let our chefs know about your event.  If they are available, they will provide you with a suggested menu and quote for your job – we call this The Chef’s Bid.

Our chef’s work autonomously from one another, so these bids can vary quite a bit depending on the service they will provide and the level of sophistication they offer.  From there, the choice is yours.

You can rest assured that we have screened and vetted these chefs for you.  They all come recommended from manjya.  They all carry their own personal chef insurance.  They all have their unique personalities and characteristics that they bring to each job to make it uniquely special for you.

We all have our jobs.  Your job is to relax and enjoy your family or the guests that you are entertaining.  Our job is to connect you with one of our incredible personal chefs.  Their job is to plan, prepare and create the most delicious food you could imagine.  We all do our jobs well.

manjya is currently available in many locations in Ontario, and quickly expanding to the rest of the country.

Let’s manjya.


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