You must add at least a 5 dollar amount to your bid. If you require more information about the event or have any questions or concerns, please contact the manjya team, we would be happy to help!

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Save time. Eat Well

We know you’re busy, but why should that stop you from holding a great event or eating nutritious, convenient meals?

Coming together around good food is the oldest form of entertainment, celebration and community. The goal is for you and your guests to relax and enjoy each other’s company, and truly focus is the food without all the fuss. The oohs and ahhs that accompany the arrival of a meal to the table signals the beginning of a great evening for those assembled.

That moment also signals the end of what can be a lot of work, but this is where a personal chef from manjya comes in. We take your food ideas and culinary wishes and create a memorable moment; and you get to relax and enjoy the presentation along with your guests!

To find out more, just tell us what kind of event you would like to plan.

Is it a birthday party or wedding shower?

Are you hosting a dinner party for some friends, or planning a celebration?

Are you organizing a work luncheon, or cocktail party for business associates?

Is it your turn to host the holiday meal or special event and just don’t have the time or passion to create the meal?

Whatever type of event you are planning that requires great food, just let us know and let us help!

Don’t stop there. You can also use manjya chefs to de-stress your everyday dinners. Let a chef load up your fridge and freezer with days’ or weeks’ worth of meals for you to heat at eat at your convenience. The best thing is that you will have a customized menu and food to your exact tastes. If you have dietary restrictions, you can still eat convenient meals knowing that they’ve been prepared for your special needs.

manjya has solutions that will help you save time. Think about the value of the hours you spend planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Compared to the cost of your time, hiring a personal chef through manjya is surprisingly efficient.

Save time. Eat well. You can have nutritious, convenient meals and stress-free events by using manjya!

Tell us your plans. Select one of our bids. Let us do the rest. It’s really is that easy.


Here’s how to get the best out of making an arrangement with a chef on manjya:

  1. Tell us your plans. Describe what your perfect event looks like.
  2. What food do you want / like / dislike / can’t eat?
  3. The more information you give to chefs, the better the bids. Use the note section or give us a call.
  4. Use the Chat function with chefs who bid. Ask them questions. They might have questions for you too.
  5. Select a bid and relax. We take care of the rest. We pay a deposit to the chef that holds the date for you and the remainder once your event successfully takes place.

Let us do the rest. Once you have selected the chef you want to work with, manjya will handle the transaction, making it easy for you. Your chosen chef will continue to work with you on the details of your event or meal plan.

If you have any questions, just call us at 1 800 993 4613

Here are some events that clients just like you have held successfully, using a personal chef:

Dinner Parties

Themed, birthday, business, family, engagement (party for two of course)

 $50 – 300 pp

More Details

Hire a Chef

Holiday Events

With everything ready to cook and serve, complete with instructions to get you meal to the table on time

 $40 – 100 pp

More Details

Hire a Chef

Meals for the Week

Save time and cost with custom-made meals: Delicious, wholesome and convenient! Packages from several days to two weeks available

 $20 – 50 pp

More Details

Hire a Chef

Interactive Dinner Parties

Where guests roll up their sleeves, learn a culinary secret or two from their professional chef and then enjoy the fruits of their labour

 $75 – 150 pp

Coming Soon

Hire a Chef

Special Diets

Any of your requests can be modified to accommodate a variety of special diets!

 $25 – 55 pp

More Details

Hire a Chef

Wedding Events

Engagement parties, showers, Jack and Jill, small weddings

 $45 – 100 pp

Coming Soon

Hire a Chef

Team-building Parties

For office staff with a mini-food lesson, interactive activities and lunch. Try a sushi-rolling class for a treat

 $40 – 75 pp

Coming Soon

Hire a Chef

Back-yard Grill Parties

Perfect for graduation, birthday, wedding rehearsal dinner

 $40 – 75 pp

Coming Soon

Hire a Chef

Cottage Hamper

For an easy weekend with guests. Breakfasts and light lunches, with meats prepared and marinated, ready for you to take centre stage at the grill

 $25 – 55 pp

Coming Soon

Hire a Chef

All of these ideas have something in common:

People just like you who want nutritious food, but don’t have the time or expertise to cook.

So, what are you planning? Why not fill out an event plan now and find out what creative and delicious ways our chefs can help?

Hey, we're in the kitchen, cooking for another happy client.
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