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My Health, My Tastes, My food

As a toddler, I stopped eating dairy products. I can’t remember why I stopped… I wasn’t allergic or anything. I just stopped. And I could never eat dairy again. Fast forward about 39 years later, and I’ve begun to make a whole lot more changes to my diet. I don’t eat wheat products, I try not to eat any processed foods (as much I can), oh and, of course, no dairy (but that you already know). I love what it’s done to me – I feel a million times better, I don’t gain weight, I can go on. But this post is not about my diet or any diet for that matter… it’s about the challenge that people like me have when we go to eat at restaurants or try to order in food.

There are probably more people with food allergies or specific dietary preferences today than there are people who will eat just anything and everything. We’re getting more and more particular about our food as we are becoming more aware of its direct affect on our health and all around well being. For people like me, a restaurant menu is limited, and the delivery menu is even worse. Takeout and food delivery are simply not geared for special requests and dietary restrictions. Don’t get me wrong, they try, and I’ll give credit where credit is due, but the truth is they try with very limited success. Just ask your Gluten-free friend to choose an order from a restaurant and you will see what I mean.

So what I do is cook, and cook, and cook some more…but guess what? I run out of stuff that I know how to cook and I run out of energy to cook them. My week is full, my days are long, and I just don’t have the time. And when I stop cooking, I get hungry. And I do not deal well with hungry…ask anyone who knows me.

And that is one of the main reasons why we came up with Manjya: to give people the choice and the comfort to order in food, host dining events, or eat at work – all catered to their specific dietary preferences, needs, and constraints. Manjya has a network of personal chefs who cook on demand and will create special menu suggestions according to YOUR taste. They can accommodate any dietary request, and you can be as specific as you’d like. And the best part is: it’s still cheaper than eating out or ordering in. Great food, your way.

I’d like to invite you to try manjya out and see how it could make your life so much sweeter. Check out how it works


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