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All You Need for Valentine’s Day is… Your Love And A Special Meal

Valentine’s Day is one of those yearly events that you either love or hate, and it’s just around the corner.  You might love it because it’s an extra special day to show love to your sweetheart, or you might love it because you know someone will be putting extra effort into expressing the importance of your relationship.

Love Valentines Day Valentine Valentines Day Table

Love is in the air!

Conversely, you might not be a fan of Valentine’s Day because it might remind you of something you wish you had.  To those of you who fall into this category, how about turning your loving energy to a friend, a parent, or a child who needs extra love in their life. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romance, and we challenge you to make it a special day regardless of your relationship status.

If you are one half of a pair of love birds, congratulations! Valentine’s Day was made for you, and we have some tips to make it extra special. And because we’re all foodies over here at manjya, we feel that the language of love is…  Food!

Tips for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Dinner:

  1. Stay Home! We feel a romantic dinner can be much more intimate by staying at home. Eating out is fun too of course, but how romantic can it be surrounded by others trying to have their own special moments, with their own special person?
  1. Get Cooking! Go ahead and cook for your sweetheart. Nothing is more intimate than creating extra special delicacies for someone you adore.  This is especially true if the kitchen is not your comfort zone. Knowing you went to the trouble of cooking for them is very appealing.
  1. Cook Together! Bonding in the kitchen and over the dinner table is a great way to create romance. If you choose to cook together for Valentine’s Day, pick a meal that is full of favour, but not too complicated.  A hot stove, sharp knives, and an intricate recipe could certainly make things stressful, when really the focus should be on the two of you.
  1. Add Some Romance Enhancing Foods! Science doesn’t lie, and you would be surprised with some of the foods that naturally create a spark. Be it the energizing high zinc levels in oysters and pine nuts, or the spike in the pleasure hormone, dopamine, created by dark chocolate, we encourage you to add some of these foods to your Valentine’s Day menu.  Read more about the types of foods to enhance romance here.
    Oysters are an aphrodisiac...

    Oysters are an aphrodisiac…

  1. Hire A Chef! Have the intimacy of being at home, without the chore of cooking for yourselves! You can work with your chef ahead of time to choose the perfect menu. From there, your chef will take care of everything so you and your sweetheart can enjoy your private time together.  And once your meal is prepared, your chef can quietly make their exit, so it’s only the two of you and your special Valentine’s Day meal.  Want even more privacy than that?  In many cases, a personal chef can prepare your meal ahead of time in a commercial kitchen, and then drop it off to you.

We have specialists who can help you plan a special Valentine’s Day meal.  Give us a call! 1-800-993-4613, or check out our website for more information. manjya


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