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Picnic Basket Tips from manjya!

Summertime is the perfect time for a picnic!  And manjya wants to help you pack your basket. picnic-699388_640

Wherever your picnic adventure takes you, pack a basket of goodies and go exploring.  Discover the countryside, or even one of the many parks right in the city where you live.

You never know where your explorations will take you.  You get to decide when and where the perfect time is to set up your special meal in nature with the special person you are picnicking with.

Pack your picnic basket with care and consideration.  You don’t want to arrive at your destination missing picnic essentials!  It may seem like an easy task, but remember, you will be (hopefully) away from resources to fill in the gaps of what you forgot to pack.  How many times do you get up from the table at home while eating lunch or dinner to grab a spoon, fork, sauce, salt and pepper or a corkscrew?  Not possible when you are on a picnic.

Unless you are picnicking in your own back yard (which has its merits too), once you arrive at your picnicking spot, what you have packed, is what you’ve got.

That’s why we have assembled a list of necessities for you as you pack you picnic basket.

manjya’s picnic basket check list:

  • The right picnic basket (of course):
    • There are many varieties out there; different sizes and shapes, and they don’t have to be wicker. Have you seen the nylon ones (read: light weight) that can be carried as a backpack?
  • Means to keep your food cool:
    • Ice packs will help with that, and make sure to put them on top of your food too (science class told us that heat rises, right?)
    • Or how about freezing a few water bottles to act as ice packs? By the time they thaw, you will be ready for a nice cold drink to have with your picnic lunch.
  • Means to serve the delicious food you have packed:
    • Most picnic baskets come complete with plates, and utensils, but you might want to bring along a couple of extra knives, a small cutting board, and extra napkins.
  • A blanket:
    • You will likely be setting your picnic up on the ground, so don’t forget a blanket to spread on the ground first.
    • You many also want to get ‘cozy’ with your co-picnicker after a satisfying meal.
  • A garbage bag:
    • Picnic leftovers and scraps can be messy, and you want to keep your picnic basket clean, so bring a garbage bag to put it all in! 14745090654_f4729816b5_z
  • FOOD!:
    • This is where you get to be creative. Pick some of your favourites, and it doesn’t have to be just sandwiches and a bag of chips.
    • All preparation should be done at home, and ready to eat once you are ready to picnic.
    • Here are a few classic picnic food favourites;
      • Prepared salads; how does something like watermelon and cucumber salad sound, or mom’s potato salad?
      • Fried chicken, but don’t forget wet naps.
      • Pre-cut veggies and/or fruit and dip.
    • Fancy food can come on picnics too! Think outside the (picnic) box. Cold slices of quiche or gazpacho would be great food for your picnic.
    • Better yet, get someone else to prepare a picnic lunch for you. Do you know many of manjya’s personal chefs offer a picnic basket service?  They can customize the basket to suit your tastes, and budget.  Contact manjya to learn more about this service; 800-993-4613, or visit manjya.

Wherever your exploration takes you, and whatever you have packed in your picnic basket, enjoy the great outdoors!




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