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Seven Easy Meal Hacks for the Long Weekends: Secrets of Personal Chefs

  1. Easy lasagna:

“Layer spinach and cheese ravioli with alfredo and/or marinara sauces, top with mozzarella and bake.  This is important … don’t forget the cheese!” Chef Michelle Wolfson

  1. The crock pot is your best friend:

“Use it for cooking pulled pork or beef, stews and curries, etc. Any recipe that has some liquid and would be cooked for an hour or more in the oven or stove top can cook all day in a crock pot.  Prepare in the morning and then leave it to do the work while you’re having fun.”  Chef Tim Stewart

  1. Marinated Salmon for the grill:

Place the salmon on a large sheet of tin foil and top with one of these favourite sauces. Close the tin foil, making a tent to allow for heat circulation. Let sit in the fridge until the grill is hot or up to an hour, then remove from fridge and cook on medium heat.  Favourite salmon marinades/glazes:

  • Balsamic, sesame, Dijon and honey – Courtesy of Chef Tim Stewart
  • Dark maple syrup and miso paste – Courtesy of Mia Andrews
  1. Easy made-ahead frozen meals:

“My clients love frozen frittatas, egg muffins, pulled meats, meatballs, granola bars. All really great freezer friendly meals.” Chef Carla Riley

  1. More benefits of frozen meals:

“One benefit of frozen vac-pac meals when people travel to the cottage or camping:  They can pop them into a cooler and instead of ice packs to keep the cooler cool.” Chef Roger Searle

  1. Always make extra while you’re making it anyway:

“This time of year especially, when grilling vegetables like zucchini, summer squash, mushrooms, eggplant & bell peppers I always make extra – to use in salads, sandwiches, pizza, panini & calzone! (great also for healthy snacking!)”  Chef Joanne Ochej

  1. Rubs and Freezer Bags save lots of time:

Ahead of the weekend, rub your favourite spice blend and a bit of oil onto chicken, pork or beef and toss into a freezer bag.  Over the next one or two days the meat will become very flavourful and great for the grill.


Bonus tip for those who like a cocktail on the deck:

“If you only need a bit of lemon rind, freeze the lemon first and then use a box grater. Re-freeze the rest until you need it. Same goes for ginger root and you also don’t have to peel it.“ Chef John Stainton

For a complete long weekend cottage meal plan, including menu, shopping list and recipes / meal assembly instructions, contact us and we will send you a complete and easy work plan to get you through your weekend!  If you want a personal chef to do the cooking for you, create an event here and ask for a “cottage hamper” for your long weekend.  Please note: Chefs are filling up fast so book soon!



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